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How To Identify Common Round Rock Lawn Pests

Identify Round Rock's Common Lawn Pests

If you've ever spent time carefully plotting and planting the perfect lawn and landscaping project for your Round Rock home, only to have pests invade and destroy your handiwork, you know how important pest identification can be. Fortunately, there are only a handful of pests that are responsible for most of the lawn and landscaping damage here in Round Rock, TX

  • Beetles- Beetles destroy grass by laying their eggs in the sod. These eggs then develop into grubs, which eat the roots of grass. A large supply of grubs can decimate a well-established Round Rock lawn and will quickly move onto eating your garden plants, as well. Many varieties of beetles lay eggs that become grubs. Grubs can be identified by the fact that they are white to light tan and have six very short legs. They have more structure than worms and are always curved into a C-shape.

  • Moles- Moles are a small tunneling mammal that are a natural enemy of grubs. However, as they tunnel to get to grubs, they also eat and destroy the roots of grass and other plantings. Moles can be identified by their webbed feet, sensitive noses, and the fact that their eyes are very inconspicuous. Many moles look as if they have no eyes at all!

  • Crickets- Depending on the variety of crickets indigenous to your area, the body and wings may be brown, grey, or black in appearance. These six-legged insects are very similar to grasshoppers in that they have hinged rear legs and can hop a good distance. Some crickets also “sing” by rubbing their hind legs together.

  • Slugs and Snails- While they are not the same species, slugs and snails are easy to identify by their soft, mucilaginous bodies. They both leave a slime trail wherever they grow. If you have holes in your hostas or other leafy plantings, these gastropods are usually the guilty party. Both have two large antennae, but snails have a coiled shell on their backs.

  • Grasshoppers- Grasshoppers can be extremely aggressive when present in large numbers. These pests can destroy blades of grass so effectively that they kill the existing stand. Grasshoppers are typically one to four inches long, with large, hinged hind legs and grey translucent wings. Their large eyes are easy to see and these insects have prominent antennae.

  • Skunks- In some areas, skunks are known to tear up lawns. Skunks are about the size of a housecat, black, and have white stripes up their backs and onto their fluffy tails. The amount of white varies with the skunk species. Some have almost no white, whereas others could be described as white with black underneath. Skunks are easily distinguishable by their offensive scent and waddling gait. These curious little mammals are usually hunting for grubs when they destroy your lawn, so destroying your grub problem will also discourage skunks.

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