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Planting A Tree During The Winter in Round Rock

Winter Is A Great Time To Plant Trees in Round Rock

Trees can add a lot to your Round Rock property. Whether you plant a few fruit trees to add colorful blossoms and delicious fruit to your Round Rock home, plant some shade trees to block out some sun in a few years, or just want to add a kind of barrier to your property line with fast-growing evergreens, there are tons of different uses for trees. Figuring out the best time to plant trees, however, is often trickier than some people think. While spring is usually when the gardening stores begin to stock their fullest selection of trees and when most people head outside with their spades and shovels, the fact is that winter in Round Rock is a great time to plant trees.

First of all, remember that this doesn't apply to early winter or even to mid-winter. In terms of planting, it is late winter that is the best time to plant. Don't do it too early or your trees won't be able to survive.

Planting before the buds arrive on the limbs of a tree helps to ensure that they'll survive. The shock of transplanting is compounded when the tree is using all of its energy to release buds in preparation of the spring cycle, and planting prior to this will help avoid the problem outright.

Additionally, the roots of a tree explode with activity just before buds are produced. Having your tree in the ground just before this occurs will help it set roots, increase moisture intake, and solidify its new home. You'll reduce transplant shock and also make it easier for your tree to survive.

Another thing to consider is that planting in the winter is easier on you, too. There's no sweating in the heat of the spring sun. You'll be able to get some fresh air and start enjoying spring before it even arrives. It's never too late to get a head start on the coming spring season, and doing your tree planting in the winter frees up more time during the big rush of activity that spring always brings with it.

While flowers and other plants need to be planted in warmer weather, there's no question that winter should be the time of year that you think about doing most of your tree planting and transplanting. Chances are you'll already be able to find some of the more common trees available at local Round Rock nursery, and be able to get started on your planting now.

Consulting with an experienced Round Rock Tree Service Company for additional advice is helpful. They can also help manage everything for you, bringing the proper experience and equipment for the job.

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