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The Hot Weather Around Round Rock Has Arrived!

Both flowers and vegetables are still growing. But, with all this heat around Round Rock some green leaves are revealing the indications of stress. How can we keep these plants healthy and growing, you ask? Simple, they have to be watered properly.

Have you ever driven by somebody's Round Rock home and see the water from the yard running off into the street? The cause of this is that the soil is either over filled and cannot take in more water or the volume of the water being used is too much and the soil cannot absorb it.

This is the very same trouble for your flower and veggie garden. What is the best means to water your garden? Because I was watering the tops of the plants rather than the roots, my dad would let me know that I should adjust the way I was watering.

By watering the roots, the water gets where it is needed. If you water the top of the plant, about 1/3 of the water is lost in evaporation.

We suggest the use of a watering wand which helps extend the watering into the garden, allowing you to reach all the areas of needed water and reduces the stress on your back. The other technique is to slowly drip the water instead of a complete blast. This lets the water sink into the soil where the roots are.

We give each plant about 10 seconds then move on to the next plant, but your timing may a few seconds either way due to the water pressure at your house. Larger plants require even more time to be watered due to their root systems being deeper in the soil.

The majority of the soil we work with around Round Rock is clay and rock, thus does not soak up water effectively. We suggest compost to separate the soil and add nutrition for development of your plants. It is never too late to start composting. By composting, you have changed the soil. This allows the water to sink in and not simply sit on top of the clay and rock. And if you currently use a drip system, all you have to do is seat back and enjoy in the fruits of your watering!

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