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Local Round Rock Tips For Landscaping On A Big Hill

There are plenty of challenges facing Round Rock homeowners when it comes to perfecting their landscaping, but those who live in a hilly area usually have additional challenges that they'll have to overcome. Figuring out just how to deal with a large hill during your landscaping endeavors may seem like something that's better left ignored, but there are some ways to go about improving the look and feel of a large hill in your yard. A few tips can help you figure out just how to go about landscaping it.

Here are some things to think about when landscaping a yard with a big hill.

  • Erosion is a big issue that has to be considered. Depending on the slope of the hill and the ground cover, rains can quickly ruin what you do to the hill itself. Stabilizing slopes is a must, and the use of things like grass as well as hardy trees and shrubs can help prevent erosion. Certain plants found in the Round Rock area are better suited for this than others.

  • Terracing is usually the first instinct in people's minds when they set out to landscape a large hill. This is largely due to the incredible photos they see in landscaping magazines, and there's no denying that a terraced hill can transform a lawn into a thing of beauty. However, doing it properly is very expensive and labor intensive. It's important to weigh out the investment versus the finished result if terracing is something you're considering.

  • One question that has to be considered is that of maintenance. Is the hill so steep that it can't be mowed with your mower? Using a weed trimmer on a steep incline can be exhausting. As a result, some people choose to fill a hill with plants that will eliminate the need for constant maintenance. Of course, weeding around flowers and other plants is still something that will have to be considered.

  • If you do opt for planting different plants along the hill's slope, you'll have to be sure to plant smart. Small ground cover type plants and flowers should be at the bottom of the slope. As you progress up the slope, taller plants should be added until trees are at the top. This isn't an absolute rule, of course, but it does ensure that you can actually see all of the plants you've added and that those you plant get the right kind of sunlight they need.

  • Of course, the other option for landscaping a lawn with a large hill is simply to eliminate the hill through excavation. This is a tremendous job, however, and one that will cost a good bit of money. It's only worth considering if you absolutely have to get rid of the hill, and even then the final results may not be quite what you're looking for.

If you still aren't sure about how to go about taking care of your large hill landscaping, getting help or at least advice from a professional landscaper could be a good idea. You have numerous options, and finding the right one is important.

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