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Fall Gardening Tips in Round Rock,  TX

How to Add Beauty to Your Fall Garden in Round Rock, TX

Fall in Round Rock is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The cold breeze and fallen leaves add a certain natural charm to the season. While some may not appreciate the amount of time you need to spend cleaning up the yard during this season, a little hard work can do wonders to the appearance of your Round Rock yard. Time spent in your outdoor landscape now can also protect your plants, trees and lawn during the cold upcoming winter months. Taking care of the plants during fall can prepare them for a great growing season during spring and summer.

Begin by taking care of your lawn. Use an herbicide to kill the weeds. Mow the lawn regularly. It is, however, important to maintain grass blade length of 2 to 2-1/2 inches. This will allow the grass to produce all the required nutrients. It will also lower the risk of winter diseases in the lawn. You should also fertilize the lawn with nitrogen-rich fertilizers which helps protect the grass in winter and start growing immediately during the warm months. Fall is also a great time to repair your existing lawn and plant new seeds. It is crucial to rake the leaves regularly for the health of the grass and plants underneath. Remember that a clean and well-maintained yard is always beautiful.

You can collect the raked, fallen leaves in your garden, and shred them to form mulch. Place the mulch around the roots of other plants and trees. The beautiful falls leaves make your yard look colorful. They also protect the plants during winter. You can also beautify your garden by planting flowers that bloom in fall. Popular options include chrysanthemums, Aster, plumbago, and pansies. You may also plant a vegetable garden with cabbage, turnip, and Russian sage. Water your lawn and plants regularly until the land becomes cold and frozen. Good winterizing fertilizer may also benefit flowering plants during fall.

It is important to remove plants that wilt and die in fall season. Dry and dead plants symbolize a yard that has been neglected and poorly maintained. Fall is a tricky time for yard maintenance. The weather fluctuates significantly. The plants are preparing for the impending winter as well. Some smart planning during this season can beautify your yard, and protect it during the cold months. Yard maintenance during fall is, therefore, more than aesthetics. It is essential for a beautiful and healthy garden all year long.

Consulting with an experienced Round Rock lawn service company for additional advice is helpful. They can also help manage everything for you, bringing the proper experience and equipment for the job.

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