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Increase Curb Appeal For Your Round Rock Home

Increase Your Round Rock Home's Curb Appeal

The home selling season here in Round Rock is rapidly approaching. Peak home selling generally occurs as soon as the school year ends and runs through the end of August. To help those homeowners looking to sell, read through this blog post for some great ideas to increase the curb appeal of your home.

A beautifully landscaped home has numerous benefits. In the long run, appropriately placed trees and bushes can reduce your energy costs as well as improve resale values on your Round Rock home. Perhaps most importantly, landscaping can help you feel content and proud of the job you have done when you do it yourself.

If you intend to landscape your lawn yourself, there are a few important things to remember.

  • Balance creates beauty in the human mind, so keep your area symmetrical. If you plant a bush on one side of your house, plant a bush that will reach a similar height and width on the other side.

  • Creating groupings of plants is an easy way to create symmetry. You don't have to plant all the same variety of plant to create symmetry, although it is one way to do so. For instance, you can add three small trees, all different varieties, if you plant the same three trees in reverse order on the other side of your home.

  • One of the things most people enjoy about landscaping is how you can add color to an otherwise boring curb. Color draws the eye in, encouraging people to look your house over. This is a great way to add interest if you are looking to sell your home.

When landscaping for curb appeal, you might choose plants that are more beautiful and less practical. For instance, you could add a little pop of color by planting some tender annuals in front of existing perennials. While these plants will not last through a hard freeze, they are a great way to add visual appeal. However, it is still important to select plants that will thrive in your area. Dead plants definitely detract from your home and lawn's appearance. Avoid plants that are not appropriate for the Round Rock area. Taking note of what zones the plant can tolerate will assist you in selecting the right one.

It is also important to consider existing trees, shrubs, and foliage around the space prior to adding anything else. Certain plants, like hostas, do exceptionally well in the shade and are not well suited to full sun. Placing a plant like this underneath existing trees can beautify an otherwise bare spot. However, try to avoid placing shade-loving annuals close to an existing tree's roots unless you plant them in a raised bed, as it's not a good idea to repeatedly disturb a tree's roots.

Landscaping can improve the beauty of your Round Rock home by adding balance, color, and symmetry. With a little forethought, you can choose plants that are suited to your area and won't compete with your existing plantings.

For other great backyard ideas, gardening tips and lawn advice check out our blog.

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