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Weed Free Round Rock Lawn

Weed Free Round Rock Lawn

Once established, weeds are extremely difficult to remove from your Round Rock lawn. Weed seed can stick around for years, causing weeds to reappear years after you thought you had the problem whipped. The best way to avoid having a problem with weeds is to keep them from establishing themselves in the first place.

When it comes to weeds, the best defense is a good offense. A weed seed is not likely to start where there is already a good stand of grass. Therefore, a thickly seeded lawn in excellent health is the best way to keep weeds out of your Round Rock yard. If you are starting from scratch or renovating an existing lawn, be sure to pick seed that is well suited for the Round Rock area.

Large dead spots due to freezing out during the winter or dying from heat stress in the summer make the perfect place for weeds to establish in large numbers. Always seed according to the label directions. While the directions may seem like overkill, some types of seed have lower germination rates. If you start out with a poor strand, you leave too much room between plants and weeds can easily wheedle their way in. In addition, make sure you aren't bringing in weeds unsuspectingly. Carefully check the tag of your desired grass seed. By law, these tags are required to list the percentages of seed, inert matter (usually dirt or a coating to improve seed viability), and weeds. Choose a type of seed with less than 5% weeds. This also applies to when you begin mowing your lawn. If you hire your lawn care, inspect the company's lawn equipment to be sure they are not bringing in a lawnmower deck full of weed seeds.

Next, fertilize carefully. The right percentages of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium can ensure that your Round Rock lawn spends less time growing upward and more time spreading out. Weed seeds are less likely to grow if they can get adequate light. Tall, upward growth of grass leaves a lot of space for weed seeds to edge in and get the light they need, whereas short, bushy growth habits don't provide extra space for weeds. Don't fertilize repeatedly during the year; at most, fertilize early in the spring and again just prior to dormancy. The goal of lawn fertilization is to help the grass plant become stronger so that it can support itself during periods of stress, not necessarily to increase growth.

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