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Round Rock,  TX Fall Lawn Care

Fall Lawn Care Advice For Your Round Rock, TX Lawn

Fall in Round Rock, TX brings great changes in the weather with it. Everything in nature, including trees, plants and grass, need to prepare for the cold winter months ahead. Your Round Rock lawn has to face some tough times ahead as well. Some addithonal care can help the grass cope well during autumn and winter, and begin growing immediately when the temperature warms up during spring and summer. Different varieties of grass we see in Round Rock cope differently in the cold weather. Rye grass and bent grass thrive well in winter while Bermuda grass and Saint Augustine grass do not. The duration and severity of winter also determine the way you treat your lawn in fall.

Begin your fall season lawn care by taking care of the weeds. Apply the right herbicide to kill all the broad-leaved weeds. The pH of the soil is also crucial for the survival of the grass during the cold months. You should take some basic steps:

  • Measure the pH of the soil. If the soil is alkaline, adjust it by applying sulfur. Add lime now to reduce the acidity of the soil.
  • Mow your lawn regularly in fall. Make sure the length of the blade is at least 2 to 2-1/2 inches throughout the season. If your grass is taller than three inches, it may get winter lawn disease. At the same time, very short blades prevent the grass from manufacturing food and storing it for survival during winter.
  • Rake your lawn frequently as well. This will help remove excessive organic debris from the turf which may die and freeze in winter. The dead plants may produce phosphates and nitrates. The chemicals may run into water when the snow melts during spring and summer. This may contaminate and pollute the water bodies.
  • Continue watering your lawn until the ground begins to freeze.
  • You can also protect your automatic irrigation system before the freezing season begins. Blow out the compressed air from the pipes and sprinkler heads to protect them.
  • Add a nutrient-rich fertilizer to your grass as well. This will help your grass grow immediately once spring begins. Prefer a “winterizing” fertilizer for best results.
  • Lawn will also thrive well when you apply one pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet of lawn.
  • You can also use the fall season to improve and repair your lawn. Complete the seeding by mid-September. Your grass will start growing well during the warm months.

Consulting with an experienced Round Rock lawn service company for additional advice is helpful. They can also help manage everything for you, bringing the proper experience and equipment for the job.

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