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Cutting Your Round Rock Yard The Correct Height

Cutting Your Round Rock Yard And The Correct Height

Lawn maintenance is a must, and a major part of keeping your Round Rock lawn looking great is cutting the grass. Not only does cutting it keep your property from looking like a jungle, but it also helps ensure that your grass remains as healthy as it possibly can be. There are a few things to remember about cutting your yard, including the overall height you need to be cutting at as well as some other variables.

First of all, don't mow when conditions have been too wet or too dry. Mowing during a dry spell will cause damage to your grass that it can't recover from and will actually kill it in most cases. If you mow when it is too wet, you won't get a consistent cut and you'll have to deal with major clumping. Mow when your lawn is dry, but not in the midst of a drought.

A big mistake is to mow too frequently. There is such a thing as too much, so be sure that you wait on your grass to get to the right height before you crank up the mower. This height will vary based on the type of grass, but for most common types of grass you'll want to wait until it has reached a height of about three inches or more.

Where cutting height is concerned, the main rule of thumb is to never remove more than 33%, or one-third, of the grass. This ensures that the blades of grass aren't damaged too much and that they can fully recover after being mowed.

Each type of grass needs to be cut at a different height in order to get the best results. Cutting too short could kill the grass and lead to a patchy lawn. The exact height will vary greatly from species to species, but in most of the more common strains of grass the ideal height will be from 1.5 to 2.5 inches. Specialty grass may need to be longer or may handle being cut shorter, but 1.5 to 2.5 is the rule of thumb you should use.

If you're in doubt, give us a call to find out what type of grass you've planted and we can share the preferred height for your lawn. You shouldn't let your grass grow out of control, but cutting it too short is a problem as well. Be sure that you strike the right balance to keep your lawn looking great.

To learn more about our Round Rock lawn mowing services, please visit our Round Rock lawn mowing services page.

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